Sunday, October 15, 2017

Moving Day Tomorrow October 15 Going to Lake Gaston North Carolina We got a Rack for Jeep

Moving Day Tomorrow.....

Today we will spend preparing for moving day.  Won't be too bad as we have only been here 13 days in Williamsburg Virginia.  It has been raining for last few days, so our mat and some other items are wet and dirty.  We will be washing and cleaning outside items.

Today we will also be installing our TPMS....Tire Pressure Monitoring System we bought at the Hershey RV Show.

We are try our luck at doing a video on installing the TPMS and about the new to us rack for our Jeep. 

Oh did I mention we bought a rack for the top of the Jeep?

The rack is really nice, as it will rotate all the way back and allow us to remove the Jeep hardtop and freedom Panels (T-Tops).  We bought the rack so we could carry 2 Hobie Outback Kayaks. Hopefully our next blog post will be about the Kayaks on top of our Jeep.

While in Williamsburg Virginia we did lots of siteseeing and of course fishing.  Here is a video of our best day of fishing.  Finally Mark Catches Some Fish .

Well kind of a short update, don't want to bore you too much.

We like moving day, because we like rolling down the road in the Maserati.........

see ya


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