Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fulltime RVers Quit Rving and Quit Blogging..................

Before I really get started with my blog and get it up to speed.  It is still a mess.  I want to tell you what I just noticed.

In 2011 Lauree and I took a 5 month trip in our new to us 1997 Airstream Land Yact Motorhome.  I did a blog about our traveling.  Kept it for about a year for some of our shorter 1 to 2 month trips that followed.  It was called Land Yacht Ahoy....

I have been hooked on fulltiming since Early 2011.  While writing our blog I followed around 80 other Fulltime Rver blogs.  Like I said I was hooked.  So after a while I was one of those that quit blogging, because we were not fulltiming yet and we were not traveling as much as I thought we would.  So I quit.  Deleted everything even our Youtube channel.

Well I am starting this New blog for us as we both now are so eager to travel in our RV.   When I created this Blog here on All of the blogs I followed back in 2011 and 2012 were still there.

I was glad, until I realized almost half of them had not posted in over a year.  many many of them 2 and 3 years ago was last post.  several had been deleted just like I did in Late 2012.

So I began cleaning up the list of blogs I follow.  I would go to each blog even the ones that had not posted for the past 3 years.  I remember reading most and all the happy traveling stories they wrote about.  At least 15 or so of them their last post was about coming off the road for health reasons.  So many had to stop, it was kinda sad reading all those signing off posts....  What a drag.....

It made me even more ready to travel... We are both in our mid 50's. Me moreso that here..  Both are very healthy and ready Kayak, Hike, Bicycle you name it we love it.

We want to get started while young, We know there is a time for us to come off the road,  But I want it to be WAAAAAAYYYY   Down the road.

anyway, see yall out there.

Mark and Lauree


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